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Art + Food + Spirits

Beginning Wednesday, July 10th join us for Happy Hour from 4 - 6 pm
Featuring $5 Manhattans &
A glass of wine with Brie & Fruit for $12
Come soak in the summer with us!!


Weds. - Sat. - 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Call for Reservations: (260) 225-0024



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Welcome to our art-inspired gathering foodie space, where the atmosphere is just as excellent as the conversation. Our unique blend of art and cuisine creates an unforgettable experience for all who visit. Come join us and indulge in the beauty of art and the pleasure of food.

Parties of any size are welcome however you could share seating areas with others. 



14 W Canal

Wabash IN 46992


Thanks for Connecting with us...



The Passion Behind Partners.

I’m not sure where my love for art started, or how it evolved, but the quote by Dorothea Tanning,  “Art has always been the raft onto which we climb to save our sanity.” resonates with me. Since a young age, art was the easiest way for me to express happiness, fear, anger, sadness, or merely for the sake of sharing creativity.  As I became older I discovered it was a comforting way for me to have a voice and work through different chapters in my life, without having to lie down and let someone get in my head. Instead, I put what was in my head out for the world to see, or at least a form of it. No particular medium – paint, tile, beads, sewing, clay and glass – if I could shape it, control the outcome and see it through from start to finish, it made me feel better. Then came "adulting" in the form of marriage, children and career paths, and without realizing what an integral part of me art had become, I found there was less and less time for it.  Fast forward to an ugly divorce, the death of my mom and bonus mom, both from cancer, raising 6 kids (we are a blended family), I realized I need to find my “voice” again and more than that a way to be heard. 

Enter my love for entertaining. From small family dinners (maybe not so small with 6 kids and 6 grandkids!), impromptu BBQ’s, seafood boils, parties, weddings or just a glass of wine with a friend, entertaining and cooking are part of my love language. A long time ago there was a shimmer of an fun would it be to have a space where I could share art (mine or other artists) while enjoying a lovely cocktail and something to eat prepared with enthusiasm and love. The vision of connecting people over food and drink, sharing ideas and amazing conversations was born and nurtured and dreamed about. As the dream grew, I added the idea of a studio space for immersive art classes led by teachers who had mastered their chosen medium. Then on adventure with my partners in crime, I came to Wabash and felt for the first time ever that the dream could become a reality. My husband and I purchased a building in the historic district of downtown Wabash, Indiana. Soon we will begin renovations for that magical space I have imagined for so long.


I believe my past work experience as Director of Operations for two large contracting firms, and  involvement with non-profits foundations will serve both the "Partners" space and the surrounding community well. Having served on the Board for Boys Hope Girls Hope, an organization which provides housing and education for underserved kids at risk in the local community, and also as Event Coordinator/Planner for the annual auction held by All The Arts For All The Kids.  I hope to share some of the things I have learned along the way with our new community as well.


We hope you will join us and follow along as the creation and opening  of “Partners” , an art space for food,  craft cocktails and connectivity unfolds.  Come  have a glass of wine or craft cocktail and lets get to know each other.

                                                           ~ Lovingly, Julie





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