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It's Finally Happening!

It's been a long time coming but we are finally moving forward!!! Almost a year since my last's hard to believe.

Architectural drawings were actually completed in Autumn of '21. The original plan was for me to act as the General Contractor. We were confident that such a simple build-out we could easily manage with my construction background. Right?

Turned out that was a hard NO. I had a frustratingly hard time getting bids from the sub-trades.

The buzz was mixed.....people were really busy with construction opening up after COViD, companies were short staffed, we were an unknown quantity as far as having the money to do the the end of the day, and five long months, we did what we should have done and hired a General Contractor. It has been a humbling, sometimes painful and tearful lesson for me. The bright news is that the GC is fantastic! He has done many beautiful, quality projects in town. He helped me identify some missing pieces in the plans and was able to work with the architects to fill the holes in and get my vision onto paper. He gets my love of no straight lines and unique finishes. I'm so grateful for Dave and his Team!

I still don't have an opening supplies and appliances are hit and miss with lots of back orders, but we are moving forward every day and the light at the end of the tunnel isn't a freight train!

It will be fun to share the goings on at Partners space, events we will be involved in waiting to open and some of the back stories to getting here!

Love this gem of a town!


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