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The Art of Conversation about Art

Conversations surrounding art are a gift to the artist in itself. Every created piece is an expression and extension of the human hands that poured themselves into each moment spent bringing it to life. At 4 Partners in Crime the art is the centerpiece of the space and our guests are at the heart of designing the space to enjoy the works on display.

There are brief moments throughout the day, when I'm alone here and it's quiet, just before opening each evening for dinner, or when it's loud with music and our voices, that I pause and give thanks to God for blessing me with the opportunity to welcome old friends and new. As I move about 4 Partners greeting, serving, and entertaining guests, I am humbled by the conversations taking place about what they see hanging on the walls, displayed as centerpieces, and adorning the mantle.

Those conversations are meaningful connections between those we host and pays tribute to the creatives who boldly share their talents with the world.

It makes my heart full that the intention around opening 4 Partners is being recognized. I invite you to fearlessly engage in the Art of Conversation about Art. You never know what peace may enter your soul. ~ Lovingly, Julie Dickey | owner

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