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HOT NEW EATERY NOW OPEN - Downtown, Wabash, Ind

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

New to the downtown Wabash food scene is 4 Partners in Crime, a high-end tapas and craft cocktail restaurant that centers around art, conversation, and a passion for food. Velvet couches, antique chairs, and original artwork serve as conversation starters that make this gathering space feel more like a living room. Owned by Julie and Randy Dickey, the couple relocated from California and immediately began investing in the community. Read on to hear from Julie where her dream started and how she landed in Wabash, Indiana.

“From small family dinners (maybe not so small with 6 kids and 6 grandkids!), impromptu BBQ’s, seafood boils, parties, weddings or just a glass of wine with a friend, entertaining and cooking are part of my love language. A long time ago there was a shimmer of an fun would it be to have a space where I could share art (mine or other artists) while enjoying a lovely cocktail and something to eat prepared with enthusiasm and love. The vision of connecting people over food and drink, sharing ideas and amazing conversations was born and nurtured and dreamed about. As the dream grew, I added the idea of a studio space for immersive art classes led by teachers who had mastered their chosen medium. Then on adventure with my partners in crime, I came to Wabash and felt for the first time ever that the dream could become a reality.

My husband and I purchased a building in the historic district of downtown Wabash, Indiana. Renovations have been completed on the first floor of 14 W Canal Street and the doors are open. I am blessed to have the most wonderful creatives on my team. Each night at “Partners” we create food and friendships in an atmosphere that just feels good.”

“I hope you will join us and follow along as the creation of “Partners” unfolds. Come have a glass of wine or craft cocktail and let’s get to know each other.” – Julie Dickey

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